Frequently Asked Questions

The association has an educational and training role only, and does not interfere or perform any of the field work, and this includes all forms and types of fraud.

The exam requirements are listed on the website under “Membership” which is frist get the Membership, Exam Qualification, and Examination.

The CFE exam is currently available in one language worldwide, which is English, but the association is evaluating the idea of ​​providing the exam in other languages, including Arabic.

The association has a limited number of jobs, if jobs are available it will be announced through the association’s channels on social networks.

The association is concerned with the qualification and development of professionals working in the field of anti-fraud and does not seek profit or distribute profits to its shareholders.

Membership is open to everyone seeking knowledge of fraud detection methods and it is not limited to Internal Auditors or forensic accountants only. More recently, there has been a lot of desire for many to explore this field and use it in new fields such as Insurance and Investigative Journalism

The association represents the ACFE Saudi chapter in Saudi Arabia and provides greater opportunities for knowledge and obtaining the required experience for those who work in Saudi Arabia or wish to enter this field. In addition, the association provides an opportunity to secure the CPE hours required to renew the CFE certificate